«We are working with City- and Real Estate development, leadership and strategy, board- and owner representation and tenant representation»

About us

The Vision is to be a responsible city- and real estate developer who contributes to create attractive city environments with focus on value creation. The core value is to show respect for the society, our surroundings and the environment. Our goal is that the general public, our customers and partners experience professionalism, a long-term horizon and trust.

Through behaviour and course of actions our value creation will inspire and stimulate positive experiences and results, when value creation is the basis for buildings and common spaces between them constituting valuable elements in the city landscape to the advantage of the general public, the users/tenants and the owners return on invested capital.


Revitalization of The Telegraphbuilding at

Kongens gate 21, Oslo. From 2016.

Oslo Airport City AS

City development of Noway’s largest transportation hub

Greater Oslo AS

Founder/Owner/Chairman of the board

Oslo Urban Area AS

Founder/Owner/Member of the board since 2013

Oslo S Development / The Barcode development

Vice President and Director Marketing and development from 2015 to 2014

Winta Property

Vice President from 2014 to 2016

Oslo Metropolitan Area

Founder and Chairman of the board from 2011 to 2014

City development demands competence and

understanding for history and the future

City development based on good relations between developer and tenants,

trust in particular, will result in achieving common goals.

A developers most important ambassador is the tenant,

and the key to success is trust.

Thor E. Thoeneie

+47 95 03 99 11

Gamle Konglungvei 11
1392 Vettre